Chestnut Street Partners has helped new investors, experienced investors, landlords, rehabbers and wholesalers by providing them with the knowledge needed to make the BEST decisions to ensure a solid investment.

Experience is the best guide…

We have invested a great deal of time, energy and capital into our real estate education. Beyond classroom taught principles, we have built a knowledge base only gained through years of field experience in how to build a successful business based on systems and predictability. Having completed many real estate deals under varying circumstances, we have the experience to guide you to strategic real estate investments, and how to grow and expand your business in today’s market.

Our core business lies within our systems, education and knowledge of the real estate industry. We didn’t just buy a CD off the Internet and become a real estate investor overnight, we have spent much time to learn how to be successful in this business and how to do it the right way the first time. Through our affiliations, we are connected with a national network of investors that provide continual support and weekly trainings on changes throughout our industry. This process has allowed us to circumvent many pitfalls most new investors would make.

“Learning the hard way” is not a phrase in our vocabulary, and we certainly would not ask anyone to invest with us if we weren’t confident enough to invest ourselves.

You can double your income by working with realtors… The best and most successful real estate investors are those who work with multiple agents, and understand the power of those relationships. You can maximize your income and profitability by having a good, quality agent on your team. And have a beginning, middle and end to your investment book…

It is crucial for an investor to “begin with the end in mind.” Knowing your exit strategy before you buy can save you hundreds of thousands –maybe even millions of dollars over your investing career. Unfortunately, quite often investors fail or waste enormous amounts of time because they weren’t educated and didn’t properly plan their exit strategies for their deals. Things don’t always go as planned, so having multiple exit strategies in your arsenal is a must.

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