To exit your home, stage right

by Caitlin Burke
Research Director
Washington Business Journal
May 30, 2014

You’ve decided to upgrade from your starter home or downsize from your former dream home. Short of listing your house well under value, the second-fastest way to attract a large pool of buyers is to properly stage your home for sale. When done professionally, the results can be dramatic. But for those of you with a significantly smaller budget, here are some quick fixes to help lure in your home’s next potential owners.

The first step to a successful stage is a top-to-bottom cleaning. This may seem obvious, but don't forget the less obvious parts of your home to clean. Every little bit matters. Clear all items off of surface areas. You may be proud of the fact you read the newspaper every day, but buyers don’t need to see your stack. Keep kitchen soap and sponges underneath the sink but leave a fresh bar of soap and clean towels in the bathroom. Remove any cloth lids on toilets and close those lids during tours. You may need seven types of conditioner in your shower, but the buyer probably does not. Go ahead and stash those, too. Oh, and if you don’t know the last time you changed your shower curtain liner, it’s probably safe to say you should replace it. Mildew kills the buying mood.

Caitlin Burke oversees research and production of weekly industry lists and the annual Book of Lists.



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