Per the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors, “Under all is the land,” we recognize the opportunity and great stewardship responsibility to use land and improvements upon it to the betterment of all. Our goal is to leave everything better than we found it. We work with financial institutions, property owners, investors, contractors and other real estate professionals to produce quality housing for individuals and families. In our business, we find undervalued, distressed, or otherwise underutilized property to revitalize, rehab, or renovate it, and return it to the market. Specifically, we train our associates to find prospective properties that we acquire, fix, and sell at a profit.

For each prospect property we follow a formal due diligence process

We use a systematic approach to purchase investment properties

  • Professional inspection of the property condition including foundation, plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, water and sewer, foundation, and roof
  • Comparable property analysis of properties on the market and recently sold
  • An economic study of neighborhood and local market trends
  • Examination of local services such as schools, shopping, transportation, and amenities
  • Analysis of area demographics, marketability, and growth potential.

We identify investor-quality, single family, multifamily and commercial projects that meet our standards for investment. To raise the money to acquire and renovate properties and return the profits to our investors, we work largely through joint ventures with hard money, and institutional lenders and other investors. Our associates are involved in the projects from start to finish, due diligence through final sale, managing each in accordance with our struct rehab protocol.

Every day, we find and vet good projects, and we are seeking small and large private investors to collaborate with us on funding these projects. We offer investment opportunities for individuals, LLC’s, and companies.

We find. We fund. We fix. We split. It’s that easy.

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